Saying Yes To Opportunities

Recently I was asked to work a position I had never done before. I find as women, we want to be experts in the field before we say we can do anything with any degree of greatness. On this particular occasion, before I answered, I remembered back to a conversation I had with a mentor when they were talking about doing the same position. I said, oh I don’t think I could do that, it seems so difficult. He replied, “nah, it’s not that difficult once you learn it”. Guys just have more confidence in their abilities! They say yes, then learn on the job. So I went ahead and said yes. I knew I would be able to do it, so what is holding me back? My own fear of failure. I am now looking forward to a new challenge, to learning a new role and adding another string to my bow. Who knows, maybe I’ll even prefer it to guitar teching!! The moral of this story is, always say yes then figure it out afterwards (unless its a request to perform open heart surgery, then you should probably have the correct qualifications before saying yes!!)